2002 GMC Sierra Remove a Fuel Pump

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General Motors has been producing trucks since 1962. Since then their trucks have been known by different names and designs. The GMC Sierra was initially offered as a trim level on the 1975 line of full-sized trucks. Each of the 2002 Sierra trucks included a fuel pump to help get fuel from the gas tank to the truck's engine. These fuel pumps must be removed and replaced from time to time as they fail or wear out.

Tools Used[edit]

Ignition Key
Socket set
Gas can
Hydraulic jack
Wheel block
Wooden block
Gas siphon with hose

Remove a Fuel Pump[edit]

Preparing to Remove the Fuel Pump

  • Ensure that your 2002 Sierra is resting on a flat and solid surface. Put the truck in park if you have an automatic transmission and engage the parking break regardless of what type of transmission you have.
  • Relieve the truck's fuel system pressure by opening the cap on the gas tank.
  • Locate and remove the fuel pump's fuse from the truck's fuse box. The box is located to the left and below the steering wheel.
  • Siphon all of the gasoline out of the truck's gas tank. Do not siphon with your mouth to avoid inhaling any fumes or ingesting fuel.
  • Turn the Sierra's engine on to remove any remaining fuel that is in the truck. When the engine stalls you will have drained out all of the gas in the fuel lines.

Remove the Fuel Tank From the Sierra

  • Disconnect the positive and negative battery cables from the Sierra's battery. The battery is located under the truck's hood. Disconnect the black negative cable before the red positive cable.
  • Use hydraulic jacks to lift the Sierra's rear half off of the ground until you have access to the truck's fuel tank. If you feel that you can see and access the fuel tank sufficiently without raising the back end of the truck then you can skip this step.
  • Place an object such as a wooden block directly under the center of the truck's gas tank. When you loosen the tank from the truck's body you will want to rest it on this object.
  • Loosen and remove the bolts holding the gas tank's support straps with a socket wrench. Once the straps are removed set the tank on the wooden block or other object that you placed directly under the tank.
  • Remove all of the fuel and electrical lines running to the fuel filter, which is sitting on the top of the gas tank. Pull the gas tank off of the wooden block and all the way out from the undercarriage of the truck so that you can see the top of the tank without any obstruction.

Removing the Fuel Pump From the Gas Tank

  • Loosen and detach the locking ring that keeps the fuel pump held to the gas tank with a chisel and a hammer. There are metal tabs sticking up from the locking ring that you can place your chisel against and lightly tap with a hammer. Turn the ring counterclockwise.
  • Remove the thin black rubber seal that sits under the locking ring. The seal keeps fuel from leaking out of the gas tank while the truck is in motion.
  • Slowly pull the fuel pump from the gas tank. You may have to angle the pump sideways as you pull it out because of the filler lever attached to the pump. You can now insert your new fuel pump and reverse these steps to put the pump, gas tank and other truck components back as they were before you started this process.