2002 GMC Envoy Change Rear Light Bulb

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The 2002 GMC Envoy has three rear-light bulbs on either side: the rear-turn signal, the backup lamp and the brake light, also called a stop light. These lights all use the same bulb model. GMC makes it fairly simple to install the rear-light bulbs on your own. The procedure is also applicable to other GMC Envoy models made between 2002 and 2008, as well as Chevrolet Trailblazer models during the said time span.

Tools Used[edit]

Phillips screwdriver
Towel or cloth
Bulb 3057

Change Rear Light Bulb[edit]

  • Take your key out of the Envoy's ignition. Move to the back of the vehicle and open the rear gate using the handle. Pull the gate up fully; the hydraulic struts should kick in, supporting the gate.
  • Look on the inside corner of the rear-light lens. With the gate up, you'll be able to see two Phillips screws on either side. Remove the screws on the appropriate side.
  • Grasp the rear-light lens and pull it firmly toward you. Set it down inside the cargo area, or on the rear-bumper cover. Be careful not to drop it. Push the connection tab on the wiring harness to release it from the light bar.
  • Grasp the light bar and pull it upward. Pull the light bar off and turn it over. Here you'll find all three rear bulbs.
  • Pull out the bulb that you want to replace. Do not twist the bulb; it pulls straight out. Cover the new bulb with a clean towel or cloth, and insert it into the appropriate light-bar connection.
  • Turn the light bar back over onto the rear-light lens. Push it firmly to snap it on. Plug the wiring harness connection into the light bar, and then re-insert the rear-light lens. Support it with your hands while you are tightening the two Phillips screws. Close the rear gate.